BLOG TOUR: Incense and Peppermints – Review + Giveaway


Hello everyone! Today I’m taking part in the Incense and Peppermints blog tour, organized by Xpresso Book Tours, with a review! You can see the rest of the tour schedule here, and at the bottom of the page. And you know what? You’ll also find a great giveaway!

(Since this is a blog tour, I got an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest opinion, but that doesn’t affect my review in any way).


Incense and Peppermints by Cathrina Constantine – 3.5 stars

227 pages

Published on March 10th 2017 by CHBB Publishing

Young Adult, Contemporary

I’d come to learn that most, if not all, families conceal secrets behind the structures of their homes.


Peace demonstrations, sit-ins, and burning the U.S. flag following the escalation of the Vietnam War are leading to a catalyst known to the world as the Sixties. A musical revolution, flower power, hippies, marijuana, and drugs are carrying the generations—young and old—into a new decade. All the while sixteen-year-old Mary Monroe is caught between being an innocent good girl and an autumn of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll.

When her brother offers a solution to her dilemma in the form of a little pill, Mary ignores the rumba in her brain and takes a walk on the wild side. Plunged into popularity and a life she’s only imagined, she meets Michael Covington, the hot newcomer, and she’s instantly drawn in by his less than flawless exterior and bad boy sex appeal. Caught up in the danger and excitement as they drift from party to party, into underground fight clubs, and through a series of drug and alcohol fueled adventures. Mary follows her new crush into a world where young girls are never truly safe from the predators lurking in the shadows and where young men are hiding from the harsh reality of war.

Feeling buzzed and as if her life is spinning out of control, Mary is assaulted by an unknown man at a party, and she’s left questioning if the enigmatic Michael is truly her hero or if he is the face behind the terrible attack. With every piece of information Mary learns about Michael, her doubts grow deeper, but with every minute she spends in his presence, so does her love.

With the war and her fear threatening to separate Mary and Michael forever, only the death of a friend, a crushing confession, and her own sensibilities can carry her over the threshold between adolescence and adulthood.


This was an original read! I’d never read a book set in sixties’ America so this was definitely interesting. It’s also a coming-of-age book, and that’s its main topic, which I’d never seen before. It’s usually a subplot. Now on to the actual content:

Well, not really. First of all, look at that cover. That’s gorgeous. It’s what drew me to the book, and what made me sign up for this blog tour. And I’m incredibly glad I did so! This book was an easy yet interesting read I thoroughly enjoyed. It was exactly the right length, its characters weren’t very developed yet that didn’t affect the story so it was pretty good overall!

I didn’t like the writing at first, but then it got much better, or maybe I just got used to it, but I ended up enjoying it. This story doesn’t seem to have a very defined plot, but it explores many different topics such as drugs or rape, which made it immensely engaging.

Marilyn Monroe (Mary, please) is our protagonist’s name. With a name like that, she sounds like she’s destined for something special to happen to her, but if you take her family into account, it sure doesn’t look like it will. With two seemingly always drunk parents and a rebellious brother, Mary’s family is interesting to read about, realistic and very important in the forming of her character.

In this book, Mary is a girl that hangs out with the popular crowd thanks to her brother’s girlfriend, and her journey from somewhat of a goodie-two-shoes to a popular girl manages to be unique and enthralling!

There were some fast-paced scenes that went a little too fast and a few two-dimensional characters, but overall it was a book I’d recommend because of its originality and main character. 3.5/5 stars!

Have you read any books based in sixties’ America? What did you think about this review? Had you heard about Incense and Peppermints? Let’s talk!

If you want to read more or buy the book, click on one of these links:

Goodreads | Amazon | B&N.

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And now for the giveaway! It’s international and it ends May 4th, so give it a try: a $10 Amazon gift card and two ebook copies of the book can be yours! Click here to go to Rafflecopter 🙂


7 thoughts on “BLOG TOUR: Incense and Peppermints – Review + Giveaway”

  1. The sixties were certainly an interesting time and any book/movie set in that era is bond to be good! This one might not have been perfect, but I’m glad you enjoyed it nonetheless 🙂
    Lovely review, of course!


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