NoNonsense Feminism – Review

30897394Nononsense Feminism by Nikki van der Gaag -5 stars

145 pages

Published by New Internationalist in October 2016

Non-Fiction, Feminism

Let’s get out there, celebrate our differences, make a little trouble and build a better world for us all.


Far from being in a “post-feminist” age we’ve seen recently a resurgence of feminist campaigning among women (and some men). There’s a new brand of feminism: young, social-media savvy, militant. But there’s a new kind of backlash, driven by so-called fundamentalists and by increasingly overt misogyny.

This book gives a unique international perspective to the advances and challenges worldwide.

Nikki van der Gaag is an independent consultant and writer who works primarily on gender. She is the author of The No-Nonsense Guide to Women’s Rights, Feminism and Men, and the State of the World’s Girls reports published by Plan International.


(I received a copy of this book through Edelweiss in exchange for my honest opinion. This doesn’t affect my review in any way).

If there’s a topic I love to read and talk about, it’s feminism. So when I saw there was a review copy available for this book, I couldn’t contain myself. And when I got approved, I was ecstatic! Actually reading the book was an amazing experience. I got chills all over reading testimonies by women from all over the world, about so many different issues that have to do wih feminism in some way.

This book talks about feminism through an intersectionalist approach. It discusses everything from white privilege to the way feminism is, by definition, against capitalism. As Amit Singh puts it:

Feminism has historically been about eradicating and opposing inequality. Feminism is thus incompatible with capitalism, as this is a system that compounds and exacerbates such inequality.

It discusses so many things I’d never thought about or even heard about. The topics of mental health, climate change or the Black Lives Matter movement are explored by looking at them through a feminist lens, with inspiring titles such as “‘I am not for sale’: the pressure to look perfect” or “Our diversity is our strength”. Van der Gaag has created a beautiful and educational compilation of opinions and tsetimonies for anyone who might be interested in feminism, regardless of age, gender, color, sexuality, etc. From the barriers for women in politics to FGM, everything discussed in this book is interesting and important.

I flew through its 145 pages and found myself immersed in the book very soon. I would definitely recommend this, no matter how little or how much you already know about feminism. In my opinion, a must-read, and objectively, a very informative and important read.

Do you read non-fiction? What did you think of my review? Do you consider yourself a feminist? Let’s talk!


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