#WeAreTOG March: Elide

Welcome once more to my monthly Throne of Glass booktalk! This month we’re talking about the amazing Elide Lochan, a character from Terrasen, introduced in the fourth book (Queen of Shadows). She’s one of the two PWD main characters in the series, with a crippled foot, so I really have to say Sarah J. Maas did a good job with this one, at least! Yay for representation, honestly.

(Since Elide appears in the fourth and fifth books, I can’t guarantee you won’t get spoiled. Sorry!)

Daughter of Lord Cal and Lady Marion Lochan, Elide grew up happily in Terrasen, near to the Galathynius royal family. Then when they fell, Elide was forced to live with her uncle Vernon (blegh) and was literally locked in a tower.

Still, Elide is strong-willed and incredibly smart, and also one of the best characters in this series. As soon as I met her and read her interactions with Manon, I started shipping them like crazy.

The Wing Leader said from behind her, “Do you believe monsters are born, or made?”
From what she’d seen today, she would say some creatures were very much born evil. But what Manon was asking… “I’m not the one who needs to answer that question.” Elide said.

Come on. You knew this was coming. I cannot do this type of post without my love for Malide and Chaorian kicking in.

But… But they’re so interesting and cute and they have so much potential!


When Elide and Lorcan met in Empire of Storms, it was pretty clear that they were going to end up together. After reading six SJMaas books, you start seeing how her stories work, and the relationships are pretty predictable.

WHICH IS WHY  I was so disappointed to see that Malide wouldn’t be canon – it was pretty clear after *shudder* Manorian *shudder* happened. Manon and Elide had much more chemistry than Manon and Dorian. No matter how big of a canon shipper you are, you have to give us Malide/Chaorian shippers that.

I really, truly thought that they would be endgame.

But well, some other great things happened (my babe Kaltain’s redemption, Lysandra being all around awesome, etc) so we’re good, Sarah, we’re good (sort of).

If you remember what I did for my Dorian post, you might want to see what I have planned for Elide, because, no, my pretties, this post isn’t going to be just me crying about Malide, like it usually is…

Today I’m doing my very first aesthetic Pinterest board – I created an account called mayaheartsbooks on March 11th just for this purpose. Thanks to the lovely Cait @ Paperfury for her very helpful post about How To Create an Aesthetic Pinterest Board for Your Novel, which gave me some inspo!

Now, let’s go!


For my very first aesthetic board, I think this one is pretty nice! You can see the whole board here, if you’d like.

I tried to stick to a mainly black and white theme with some highlights of red, and sometimes pale skin, because I feel like Elide is this dark, calm person. That’s what I wanted to convey.

I also put some pins like that cup and the hands to signify her Blackbeak heritage, and that one pin at the top right to represent Malide. One out of twenty-two pins is about Malide, so I think I’m gaining control of myself.

And since Manon’s month already passed, I decided to make one for her too!


Manon is red and violent, there’s no denying that, so that’s the color I chose for her pinterest board. There’s also a couple pins that are simply white all over, because I also thought they would look good? I don’t know. Sorry, Cait, maybe I didn’t follow your wonderful advice with this one! I sort of like how this looks too!

So, I’ll probably continue filling these boards with pins, so I encourage you to come follow me on Pinterest and if you do aesthetic boards too, I’ll follow you back!

I hope you liked this month’s #WeAreTOG post, and if you did, leave a comment down below or reply to one of my #WeAreTOG tweets so we can talk!


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