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My Experience with NA Lit: 33 razones para volver a verte

Sometimes you can’t find the right book to read, even if you have a massive TBR pile and a slightly smaller public library ten minutes away.

And then a book in your friend’s shelf catches your eye. It doesn’t look like your kind of book, but why not give it a try? Stepping out of my comfort zone was something I’d been planning to do this year, anyway.

This is28446895 how I came across 33 razones para volver a verte, a semi-famous Spanish New Adult novel.

It’s not exactly original. It’s about a girl who winds up living with her three male childhood friends – and obviously, since this is a romance novel, she’s desperately in love with one of them.

It’s Spanish, but it’s set in California, which is more normal than one might think; most of the shows and books we get translated are set in the United States, so even Spanish authors set their books there for no reason whatsoever.

I don’t know how it is outside of my region, but in my bookstore you can easily find five versions of this same book, with the names changed. There’s not much variety in the romance section, which is why I don’t read it that much.


Diving into this book, I knew what to expect. On the inner flap of the cover, it already said something along the lines of “Alice Kellen is a promising new voice inside the Spanish New Adult genre” and that gave some hints, plus my friend had warned me about the more explicit scenes.

And to be honest, it’s not so different from what we see in some (so-called) Young Adult books. Read Empire of Storms and try to explain how it’s for a younger audience than a book like this one.

(Bad example, actually, EoS has been getting a lot of criticism for changing the tone of the seemingly-tween-friendly rest of the Throne of Glass series)

I actually enjoyed the book, for the most part. Mike, Jason and Luke are interesting enough characters with stories of their own, and if I ever read the rest of this series it’s going to be because of them.

It sure isn’t going to be because of Rachel. She’s exactly the type of female main character I don’t like, because she stays passive throughout the entire book! Things happen to her, she has a sad story, but her actions never change anything in the course of the story.

To sum up, I actually quite enjoyed my first taste of the New Adult genre, but there were some things, character wise, that got on my nerves. Stereotypical MC, under-developed side characters and troubled bad boy who is suddenly CURED of his PTSD because the MC’s freckles are so so calming and overall healing.

giphy (5).gif

Okay, but I can see why people like this sort of book. This particular one wasn’t for me, but I’ve decided to keep looking. Any recommendations?


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