#WeAreTOG – January: Manon & The Thirteen

Hey bookworms! You might have seen the tag #WeAreTOG flying around Tumblr or Twitter, and I’m here to let you know all about it – and write a post monthly! I’m basically taking the tag and using it as a prompt. I think it’ll be fun.

Warning: This might contain some minor spoilers, but they’ll be in white and between tags.

Bloomsbury has a page ALL ABOUT S. J. MAAS. It’s called and I absolutely love it! They recently released ACOWAR’s cover on there too, so, you know, if you’re a Sarah J. Maas fan you might want to go and follow them 🙂 That’s where the tag was born and where I found it.

So, this month I’m going to talk about Manon Blackbeak and her coven. WHICH IS GOING TO BE AWESOME. I’m just going to put my feelings for them out there and you can tell me yours! It’ll be great 🙂

We are the Thirteen, from now until the darkness claims us.

These babes first make an appearance in the third book of the series: Heir of Fire. Which, by the way, is my least favorite book. Oops? But we can see more of that in June, when we talk about Rowan. Or you can just drop a comment down below and we can talk about it now haha.

I shiver every time I read about the Thirteen. They’re just so badass and so different from the witches we usually hear about. If you don’t know, the witches in Throne of Glass are impossibly beautiful and immortal, which is just my goals in life haha.

Obedience. Discipline. Brutality.

While I absolutely love the Thirteen, I have some problems with their stories that kind of extend to the whole Throne of Glass series.

First of all, there is only one black girl that we know of, plus there are only a couple of POC in the series and they’re minor characters anyway. <spoiler> Also, SJM seems to be killing them all off slowly. <spoiler/> Kudos to all the edit makers that included some diversity.

And then there’s Manorian.

I completely respect everyone who wants to ship it, and you are welcome to tell me why you do, but I just cannot see it. It felt like Sarah J. Maas just wanted to pair everyone off so Tumblr could go crazy shipping.

When Dorian met Manon, he wasn’t flirting with her because he thought she was beautiful. <spoiler> He was trying to provoke her into killing him. <spoiler/> And I just realized this a few days ago. (source)

I really thought Malide would be canon+endgame. It was SJM’s best shot at including some major LGBT+ representation in the series, and it wasn’t just a friendship.

“Do you believe monsters are born, or made?”

Manon finding her humanity and her true identity through Elide makes me super emotional. Witches descend from the Fae and the Valg, and the Ironteeth are most like the latter, so Blackbeaks like Manon are more demon than Fae. That’s why she and her relationships are so interesting. <spoiler> Plus, when she discovers she’s also Crochan everything gets more complicated and AWESOME. <spoiler/>

The witches’ brutality makes them have very complex feelings, and I love reading about it. What annoys me is that Sarah J. Maas blatantly ignored Manon and Elide’s chemistry just so she could give Dorian a partner. Well, a girl partner, because you know which two characters also have chemistry? Chaol and Dorian. But of course, we can’t have Dorian, who thousands of girls are in love with, be bi or pan, now can we?

Sorry. I just really don’t like Manorian. They could have had such a great friendship though? Dorian is a literal puppy and having a bloodthirsty witch as his friend could have been so interesting. I don’t know.

I started this post talking about the Thirteen, but I kind of like where I took it. What’s your opinion on Manon? What about Manorian and Malide? Let’s talk!


8 thoughts on “#WeAreTOG – January: Manon & The Thirteen”

  1. I totally see where you’re coming from, but I’m a sucker for Manorian. I think I would have preferred him more with Sorscha, had SJM the mercy to keep her alive.-_- Also, I love Manon as each book goes on (mind you I still have to read Empire of Storms *dreading it*)

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    1. I adore Manon, I just don’t like manorian. I really loved Sorscha 😦

      You have to read EoS! Like I see that ToG is somewhat problematic, but I cannot give it up. Who’s your favorite character?

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      1. Really I thought this series was AMAZING until, you know who showed up. I tolerated him, you know, I understood that he was a significant part in Celaena turned Aelin’s story. Then in QoS, he really bothered me, a lot. SO I’ve been putting off EoS for a while.
        Also, my fav character is Chaol. I mean Sorscha holds a special place in my heart, but I’m enduring the rest of the series for him. And Manon.
        Also, I might as well just finish the series to know what happens at the very end, at least that peaks my interest.

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      2. Oh my goood I have found a fellow *** hater! I love Chaol too, he’s just the most human in the squad and I still ship him with Celaena – not Aelin though. He literally fought a monster with his bare hands to save Fleetfoot? He’s so pure?

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