Merry Bookish Christmas!

My dear bookworms, Christmas was just yesterday and it was so much fun! I got a bunch of books I really wanted and I enjoyed the day a lot, being with my family.

I didn’t get the Six of Crows Duology, which was the one I wanted the most, but here in Spain we also have a holiday called the Three Wise Men, which is on January 6th and is basically Christmas but instead of Santa, the “Reyes Magos”come and leave presents in our shoes! It’s exciting and there are big parades and celebrations. I hope I’ll get Six of Crows then 🙂

What do you celebrate this time of year? I don’t really know how other festivities work, and I’d love to learn more!

So, let’s see the books I got:

  • The Mistborn Trilogy

    This arrived early, but I didn’t open the books since it got to my house by mail, so while it wasn’t a surprise, I’m still happy I have it!


  • Three Dark Crowns

    This is one the most hyped up books of the year I think! There was a lot of talk of it on bookstagram and most blogs, and since it was only 5 € on Amazon Spain, I got it for Christmas! I have already started reading it and it is kind of hard to get into, but I’m waiting until the end to judge it! Who knows, maybe it just has a slow start.


  • The Thousandth Floor

    I was initially drawn to this book by the gorgeous cover on the hardback version, and the premise was very interesting too! I’m very excited to read this, even if it sounds kind of like chick-lit, which isn’t really my scene, but I’ll try!


  • The Rest of Us Just Live Here

    I really wanted to read a Patrick Ness book and this sounded nice and original, so I chose it and what do you know, I found it under my tree! It was a great surprise and I was really happy.


  • This Song Will Save Your Life

    One of my fave reviewers (Emily May at The Book Geek .co.uk) loved it, the sweet and talented The Bibliotheque also enjoyed it, so buying it was a must! Plus, it has such a pretty cover…


So, have you read any of the books on here? Also, what did you get for Christmas? Did anything surprise you? Let’s talk in the comments!

Here’s the pic I put as the featured image, which has all these books AND a really cute post-it set from Bershka. There’s a couple Kinder bars and one egg 🙂 Unrelated, but is it true that the Kinder eggs are banned in the USA? Or is it a joke? This has always been super funny to me haha.


So I hope you had a lovely Christmas, or if you don’t celebrate, tell me what you did celebrate, or just if you’re enjoying your holidays. Love you!



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