Top 5 Wednesday

T5W: Fictional Items You’d Give As Gifts

n-the-longest-amount-of-time-that-love-can-actually-promiseHello bookworms! Today I found this fun weekly meme over at The Bibliothèque and I thought I’d give it a try! Top 5 Wednesday is hosted at a Goodreads group you can find here.

I haven’t participated in any memes yet so I think this will be fun – I really love reading them on other blogs so why not do it myself? 🙂

For December 21st we have: Top 5 Fictional Items You’d Give as Gifts. Let’s go!

1. Gobstones and Exploding Snap Cards


I’m pretty sure everyone who loves boardgames would love magic boardgames! This would be a perfect gift for anyone, and I wouldn’t mind getting it myself 🙂

2. Celaena’s Wyrd-themed books

Young Aelin:
via Sarah J. Maas’s Pinterest

I’ve been trying to get my friends to read Throne of Glass, and if they did, all the books Celaena and Dorian read would be amazing gifts! They would probably give us even more info about Erilea and would be really fun to read! I love studying history, and I’d love learning about one of my favorite worlds.

3. A Coffin for the Virtnet

via the book trailer

Not really popular, but the Coffins (or NerveBoxes) in The Eye of Minds would be great for gamers! If you don’t know how it works, it’s like an actual coffin you get into and you “sink” into really cool virtual reality games. Trust me, it would be fun.

4. Celaena’s dresses

Literally any of the things Celaena from Throne of Glass owns would be a great present for anyone! She has great taste. Have you seen the back of the books? Her dresses are so amazing and detailed!

5. Anything at all from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes

via Fanpop

Reading the Harry Potter books as a 9-year-old, I was hopelessly in love with Fred Weasley, and loved all the parts starring the twins! So, if I were to give a gift to one of my cousins, for example, I’d give them a gift card to this amazing shop!

Thanks for reading! Hang in there, the holidays (and Christmas if you celebrate it like me!) are almost here 🙂


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