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2016 Smashing and Dashing Awards! #booktag

Hello everyone!

2016 is coming to an end, and even though this was a pretty bad year overall, it was a great year in books! I started my bookstagram, Empire of Storms came out, there was a huge resurgence of the Harry Potter fandom thanks to Cursed Child… You can tell me your favorite bookish event of the year in the comments!

Anyway, let’s try to get to the point of this blog post! You might have seen Cait at Paperfury‘s beautiful blog post, which is basically a super-fun award ceremony with the best and worst characters of YA lit this year! Of course I had to give it a try… I hope you like my version of it, I didn’t include every category because since I’m new, I don’t have that many photos or books 😦  But I’m excited, let’s get started!

1. Most relatable characterimg_20161128_154520

Cath (Fangirl) – because what bookworm doesn’t like writing and/or reading a good fanfic? Also, if you’re an introverted reader like myself, you probably found her fear of social interaction – and her fear of Reagan – super relatable! And who doesn’t want a Levi after reading this book?




2. Most purimg_20161203_123605e and precious animal companion

Fleetfoot (ToG) – Throne of Glass is my all-time favorite series, and as Sarah J. Maas herself said, Fleetfoot is the only guaranteed survivor of the books!

The dreamy Dorian Havilliard gave Fleetfoot to Celaena as a gift, so how can we not love her?



3. Fiercest Fighter img_20161117_190646

Helene (An Ember in the Ashes) – Hel is totally badass and blew me away since I met her in AEITA! Then in A Torch Against The Night, she proved how good of a character and a fighter she is!

Is Hel anyone else’s favorite female character ever?



4. Most Aimg_20161110_180345mazing Sidekick

Iko (Cinder) – She’s the cutest little thing! I’ve seen some hate towards her for being too typical,
you know, for being that “quirky” character some authors put in for comic relief, but I really thought she was fun, especially in Scarlet. I’m currently reading Cress so no spoilers please!




5. Best Sassmasterimg_20161126_133952

AIDAN (Illuminae) – Okay, okay, Kady might have been the best sassmaster in Illuminae, but I thought AIDAN deserved some recognition too! He was such an interesting character, and his use of logic in response to Kady’s sass was very funny sometimes! I think we’ve reached a tie 🙂




img_20161104_1715586. Toot Toot Best Ship of Them All

This is hard… HAHA KIDDING NO IT ISN’T CHAOLxDORIAN FOR LIFE MAN. Like yeah there are some great ships in the Throne of Glass universe like Lysaedion and Elorcan (not a big fan of Rowaelin), but have you even read Chaol and Dorian’s best scenes?  They’re both my OTP and my BROTP. Please kill me before ToG6 does.



7. Most In Need of Protectionimg_20161030_142409

Lysandra (Throne of Glass) – She could kill me in the bat of an eye, but she really needs to be wrapped in a blanket and carried to safety.

Also in this category there’s Helene from AEITA again, but I’m sure that if she saw herself here she’d get super mad haha.



img_20161030_1241448. Most Boring as a Barnacle

Louisa (Me Before You) – Don’t get me wrong. I liked Me Before You as a book, but Louisa was a really boring main character and in the film she was even worse. I can’t even remember her personality traits -did she even have a personality?- and I finished the book less than a month ago.



9. Very Surprised You’re Still Aliveimg_20161101_160737

Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles) – I don’t know what thoughts go through this girl’s head, but I’m sure she should be dead by now. So many things happened in her book and she just kept putting herself into more and more danger, she almost gave me a heart attack (why do I sound like my grandma help).



10. Best at Horribleimg_20161101_171818 Decision Making

Aelin (Throne of Glass) – because Empire of Storms was the highlight of my year, and Aelin Ashryver Galathynius made the worst possible choices in this book and tore my heart apart, but hey, at least it was for a good cause. I really cannot wait for September 2017!




So, these were my picks! Do you agree with me on anything? Would you add anything to the post? Please tell me using the comment box below!

I think Throne of Glass was the winner of this ceremony, but it really isn’t a surprise, given my obsession with Sarah J. Maas’s characters. You can totally chat with me about ToG or any other book featured here!

I know it was sort of short, but since I’m new to the blogging and bookstagramming community I thought I’d keep it short and sweet! I might do a follow-up with the remaining categories before the year ends, I don’t know.

Also, if you liked this you should definitely check out the original #booktag, invented by Cait at! You can find it here.

Thank you for visiting Maya Hearts Books!



2 thoughts on “2016 Smashing and Dashing Awards! #booktag”

  1. Aww, I’m so glad you did the tag!! EEEP. 🎉 And I loved your answers! I’ve stopped reading ToG but I’m SO GLAD Fleetfoot lives because he (wait…she? I can’t remember omg) is the cutest little fluffball and omg precious pets in books are the BEST THINGS EVER.
    And yes Cath is so so relatable!! And AIDAN x Kady is literally the best thing ever and I not-so-secretly ship them….but then Ezra is awesome. So omg. I’m torn. I need to read Gemina.😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for commenting omg! Fleetfoot’s a girl, by the way ahaha, I didn’t remember either 😂

      I love Ezra so much but at the same time AIDAN and Kady is a really funny ship! (Welcome to the Illuminae fandom: where we ship people with actual ships… Kind of.) I still haven’t read Gemina, but it sounds sooo cool… I don’t think it’s out in my country just yet, though.


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