Christmas Wishlist + Shopping Troubles!

Hello bookworms!

Black Friday has been nuts. Even here in Spain, the discounts are amazing, at the stores and all over the net! has a great deal: if you spend 19 euros on books you get free shipping. It makes me want to spend all my money…

Buuut I’ve already bought five books the other day. So I probably won’t buy any more :(.

I’m really excited for Christmas this year because I’m getting the Six of Crows duology! I’ve heard great things about Leigh Bardugo and I can’t wait to dive right in…

I really want some Patrick Ness books too, and a recommendation from the lovely @thebibliotheque, This Song Will Change Your Life by Leila Sales.

I wish I could get more books… Three Dark Crowns and The Thousandth Floor are 5 EUROS on!

Well, it’s fine. I’m actually at a great point in the school year right now and I’m not even stressed, so that means time for reading + time for hanging out with friends! I honestly love winter so much… It’s really cold, but that means that it’s a good time to read and cuddle!

If you’ve made it this far, thank you! Also, there’s a review of Illuminae coming very soon!

Have a great day,



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